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I've worked in the corporate world and the small business sector. I was in luxury hotel hospitality, website development, internet marketing, and business management. But at some point, everybody decides they're ready to start living the life they've worked so hard for. For me, that life happens high in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Now, I specialize in helping other Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials realize the dream they've sacrificed for. I help people remember: this is YOUR life.

The landscape and recreational opportunities in and around Park City are almost a spiritual experience. Anywhere in town, I'm 5 minutes from a trail where I can escape to the wilderness. Cartoonishly gorgeous forests filled with aspens and tall old pine trees. I can hike or bike for miles and only notice a quiet deer or the whisper of the leaves. High up in the mountains and far away from the smog and pollution of the big cities, I can stand atop a rocky ridge and peer out across the landscape and breathe in the clean, crisp mountain air.

I basically live in a coffee commercial. This is my life.

Park City is a magical place, where all the montages from 1980s ski movies still happen. Where the first snow sets the town a flutter, whether you're a skier or not. Where I can pass pieces of the history of this western mining town just by strolling down the street with the dogs. The spirit and authenticity of this quiet mountain town attracts all sorts, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if the mountains speak to you. And if they do, maybe it's time to start thinking. Start thinking about your exit strategy from the life you were told you should have and start thinking about your entrance into the life you want to live.

Don't forget: this is YOUR adventure.

Kristina Watkins

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7580 Royal Street, Mont Cervin Plaza 105
PO Box 2370 Park City, Utah 84060 United States